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ProDeaf was born out of the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) from a group project of computer science students, in which there was a deaf student; the group struggled to communicate well. True story! Together the deaf and hearing students developed a global solution to their small communication issue. And so Proativa Soluções was born, thanks to partnerships with and support from Wayra Brasil - Telefônica, Microsoft, Sebrae e CNPq.


Our team is made up of programmers, linguists, designers, translators, both hearing and deaf. We have been collaborating on various deaf-related research projects, experiments, and solutions to this linguistic challenge since 2010.

Amirton Chagas - Diretor de Tecnologia

Amirton Chagas

Andreza Alexandre - Estagiária em Programação

Andreza Alexandre

Arthur Nascimento - Engenheiro de Software Pleno

Arthur Nascimento

Christian Palmer - Engenheiro de Software

Christian Palmer

Durval Pacheco - Designer Gráfico e Artista 3D

Durval Pacheco

Flávio Almeida - Diretor de Operações

Flávio Almeida

João Paulo - Diretor de Negócios

João Paulo

Victor Rafael - Engenheiro de Software Pleno

Victor Rafael

Everaldo Neto - Artista 3D

Everaldo Neto

Juliana Fernandes - Intérprete de Libras

Juliana Fernandes

Renato Kimura - Gerente de Produto

Renato Kimura

Awards :

  • Imagine cup
  • ciab
  • Microsoft
  • Telesintese
  • W3c

Partnerships :

  • Bradesco seguros
  • Microsoft
  • Wayra

Financial Backing :

  • Cnpq
  • Sebrae
  • BizSpark